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Do you run a business out of your home or have a hobby that earns income? Two out of every three people who have a business or hobby out of the home do NOT have adequate insurance. Most homeowners policies are not designed to cover losses from the business.


  • A DJ at a birthday party has $4,500 of sound equipment stolen.
  • A photographer forgets to use the flash and misses most of the pictures at the wedding reception. The bride and groom sue the photographer for $15,000.
  • A representative for Pampered Chef has $2,700 of inventory in their home. The inventory is destroyed when a fire damages the home.
  • A teacher tutors children in math throughout the year. A student trips and falls at the teacher’s home resulting in injuries. The parents sue the teacher for $42,000.
  • A person sells crafts at regional craft shows throughout the year. An attendee slips over the display and falls into the neighboring booth. The person has $10,000 in injuries and the person in the next booth has $3,500 in damaged inventory.
  • A fitness trainer needs to show proof of liability coverage to be able to teach Zumba classes at the local recreation center.

A Home Based Business Policy can provide you with the coverage that you need. With average rates of $220, you cannot afford not to have your business covered!